Home Appliances

Mini Multi Functional ABS Plastic Sealing ...

Rs.499.00   Rs.299.00

Running Alarm Clock

Rs.3,599.00   Rs.2,199.00

TOSS Sprout Maker-Small (1 Bean)

Rs.365.00   Rs.347.00

Toss Ladle Stand

Rs.168.00   Rs.151.00

JVS Kitchen Mate (16 Jar)

Rs.1,035.00   Rs.984.00

Boss Excel Mixer Grinder (4Jar)

Rs.3,895.00   Rs.3,701.00

Boss Electric Food Processor

Rs.6,650.00   Rs.6,318.00

TOSS Sprout Maker-Large (3 Bean)

Rs.545.00   Rs.518.00

JVS Multi Organiser Chrome Large

Rs.890.00   Rs.846.00

Westinghouse WKRC01 Electric Cooker

Rs.1,390.00   Rs.1,321.00

JVS Multi Organiser Chrome Small

Rs.675.00   Rs.642.00

Black & Decker 35 L Toaster Oven With Roti...

Rs.11,995.00   Rs.11,396.00

Jvs Ice Shaver

Rs.660.00   Rs.627.00

Westinghouse WKWKF708 2L Kettle

Rs.2,690.00   Rs.2,556.00

Black & Decker X1600 Steam Iron

Rs.2,195.00   Rs.2,086.00

JVS Spice Tower -(16 Jar)

Rs.995.00   Rs.946.00

Westinghouse WKICHE211 Induction Cook Top

Rs.5,990.00   Rs.5,691.00

Boss Nova Mixer Grinders 3 Jars

Rs.2,455.00   Rs.2,333.00

Black & Decker JC 200 Concealed Coil Stee...

Rs.3,895.00   Rs.3,701.00

Black & Decker F1500 Dry Iron

Rs.1,195.00   Rs.1,136.00

Toss Toilet Roll Holder

Rs.275.00   Rs.248.00

Westinghouse 0.6 L Electric Rice Cooker PU3

Rs.1,990.00   Rs.1,891.00

Boss Vega Mixer Grinders 3 Jars

Rs.2,795.00   Rs.2,656.00

Black & Decker 4 Slice Ss Toaster With Dua...

Rs.4,695.00   Rs.4,461.00


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