Mini 12V Car Auto Air Ionizer Purifier Refresher Deodorizer Oxygen Bar Freshner

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Mini 12V car auto fresh ionic air purifier ozone oxygen car light


This car oxygen bar can sterilize and disinfect the air of automobiles, restrain virus propagating and growing. Ultra bright and easy to install.



This item is applicable for all cars which are installed with 12V power supply. Insert the product into the smoke igniter, the indicator lights on, it means the product works normally. As plug-play product, it can work automatically without external switch. Turn off the circuit when leaving the car and the product may stop working automatically and doesn't need to be removed.



Negative ion can quickly purify the air with eliminating the harmful air like toluene, carbon dioxide and dust, keep the air clean, and eliminate fatigue to keep the driving safe.


Negative ion is reputed to be air vitamin. It can improve human heart and lung function, promote metabolism and dispel fatigue, maintain head clear and relieve carsickness.


Simply plug into any automobile's 12 volts cigar lighter.

Free from second contaminated, environmental protection and safety are guaranteed.

Air is used as the material, low electricity consumption, environmental protection and energy saving.

Small and exquisite. It is an excellent product for gift.


Working voltage: 12V

Ozone Density: 3mg/h

Anion density: 60million/CM³

Operating current: < 60MA

Size: 85 x 20 mm

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